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Currently, our workshops are held at locations sponsored by the instructor (usually a home shop or a friend's shop).
Give us an many details as you can about what topics and skills your class will cover, what kinds of tools or machinery students will need to use, or any other relevant details. You may also submit a one-page lesson plan to goodcitycraft@gmail.com
Consider both your personal teaching capabilities and available benches and tools in your workshop space.
We're currently accepting applications for classes in August and September 2019.
Please list anything students will need to provide themselves or bring to class.
List any tools or materials that students will consume or take with with them at the end of the class, and the cost you need to be reimbursed for providing those tools or materials.
Many of our instructors are working professionals with a clear idea of how much they need to make at a minimum for a class to be worth their time.
This is any time you will spend prepping blanks, making jigs, etc outside of regular workshop hours that you would like us to consider when negotiating your instructor pay.
Please email additional information such as a one-page lesson plan and at least one relevant photograph to goodcitycraft@gmail.com