Trailer: Welcome to TWYH!

Teach With Your Hands

Hey guys, and welcome to the show. I’m Amy Costello, the host, producer and interviewer. It's my dream to start a craft school one day, but since I know basically nothing about starting a school or teaching, I decided to interview the people who do!

A couple of things you need to know before we start:

First of all I’m a woodworker, and I will be talking to other woodworkers, but I’ll also be talking to people who work in ceramics, metals, leather, glass, stone, textiles, paper and more. Pretty much anyone who teaches a traditional craft.

And when I say “teaches a craft,” I’m taking that pretty broadly too. We’ll be talking to traditional teachers and administrators, but we’ll also be talking to content creators and authors... anyone who’s part of the process of passing craft skills on to students. We’ll discuss the hurdles each guest has overcome to get where they are, the challenges they’re facing now, and what’s needed from the next generation of teachers and students.

We’re all on the same team when it comes to keeping craft traditions alive. So join us, on Teach With Your Hands.

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