BONUS - E10: Chris Proctor and the Future of Good City Craft

In this bonus episode, I’ll be talking to Chris Proctor. As I’ve mentioned in previous episodes, the craft school I set out to start is a real thing now, and Chris has been my partner in crime for the last 3 or 4 months. This episode comes from a conversation we had back in May of this year, when I was vetting Chris to see if he’d make a good business partner.

A few things have changed for me in the last few months, so releasing this episode seems like a good way to introduce Chris to you, now that he will be taking over as the principal owner and manager of the school.

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E6: Kate Maury on Helping Students Find Balance

Kate Maury on getting students to work really hard at something really fun. We’ll cover how to handle the isolation students can feel after leaving school, how demanding curriculums help students find focus and drive once they’re on their own, and how students and instructors can work together to create a rich learning environment.

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Trailer: Welcome to TWYH!

Hey guys, and welcome to the show. I’m Amy Costello, the host, producer and interviewer. It's my dream to start a craft school one day, but since I know basically nothing about starting a school or teaching, I decided to interview the people who do!

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