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Providing craft workshops from top notch instructors
in the Mountain West.


Our Mission

You shouldn’t have to travel across the country to attend a workshop with a top notch craft instructor. Finally, high quality craft education is just down the street.

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Our Programs

Good City is a gathering place for people who understand the value of working with your hands. Whether you’re an artist, a craftsman, a homesteader, or something in between, we invite you to connect with like-minded students in one of our workshops or our (future!) full-time programs.


Some of the fields we’re hoping to offer full-time programs in one day:


A furniture building program with instruction in turning, carving, marquetry… you name it!


We hope to include instruction in everything from jewelry making to black smithing!


Weaving, leather working, sewing, dyeing… the list goes on!


A studio potting program with instruction in throwing, vessel making, slab-building, casting… and more!


Blown, casted, carved, stained… and everything in between! Get instruction in all things glass.


Gardening, husbandry, preserving, fermenting, etc!


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January 2018

A school that grows its own food, builds its own buildings, makes all the furniture, pottery, baskets, art, flowers, tools, etc needed to live in those buildings and be a community, and most importantly, which teaches people how to do any of those things themselves.

Founder : Amy Costello



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We believe that any school is only as good as the people who gather there, whether they’re teachers and staff, students, or supportive members of the community.


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Until we can get our full-time programs off the ground, we’ll be hosting workshops in local spaces.

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Teach With Your Hands Podcast

You know your craft inside and out, but do you have the chops to teach it? Whether you’re running a craft school, creating a new school, or just ready to teach, this is the podcast for you. On “Teach With Your Hands,” we’ll talk with successful instructors and administrators about how they got where they are, advice on how to start teaching, challenges they're facing now and what's needed from the next generation of teachers and students.

We’re learning everything we can about what it takes to teach and run a modern craft school.


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